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Thank you, everyone. I've been amazed and impressed by everyone's creativity and kindness.

Permanent LJ account... *SOLD!!*

Congrats and thanks to acciochocolate, who won the auction for http://games.livejournal.com at $120!

A nice healthy chunk of money, going to a good cause!
The bidding is currently at $120 dollars for the permanent LJ account, http://games.livejournal.com. This is still $30 less than what LJ sold permanent accounts for last time they were available. Bidding ends at the end-of-day, Monday, Dec. 21st. (Tonight!)

In the event that you don't want the name "games", the account can be renamed for $15 to whatever is available, btw. Makes a great Christmas gift, with all the money going to help someone who could use it!

Cake winner!

Congratulations mingmingcheong for winning the cake auction! Thank you so much for your generosity!

A memory box winner!

Congratulations to youragustine~

I hope that the box becomes special to you, & thank you all for helping me take part in this gathering of caring.

Auction Reminder - Steampunk Necklace

This is a reminder that the Steampunk inspired necklace that I have listed here will be closing in roughly 24 hours, at 10pm Eastern! Happy bidding!

Auction win: Skully gloves!

ammorata won Skully Gloves!!

Thank you so much to everyone who bid!

ammorata, would you be so kind as to email me (it's on my profile page) and we will make arrangements? Thank you!!

Auction Winner for Wildlife Photograph

The winner is ajina of the auction for a matted 8x10 wildlife photograph !

Please fwd me a PayPal receipt for the amount listed to britgeekgrrl in the amount below. Also, please let me know if you want the photo as posted in this auction or another 8x10/8x12 from my website.

I will mail it off this weekend once I get your FWD'd email.
OK, we've got two bids for $175

el_tercer_ojo and complexitea

How do we resolve this as I set the auction end for midnight tonight and we're past that.

What are imps you ask? Why they are wee 1/32oz. samples of perfume oils. I have four (4) to go as a set to the highest bidder:

To A Woman: Benzoin, cassis bud, patchouli, rose otto, and petitgrain.

Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener: Sassafras, vanilla extract, oak leaf, CO2 butter extract, and onycha.

Havana: Date palm, dried tobacco, snakeroot, and leather.

De Sade: The essence of pleasure heightened by pain: the raw scent of leather.

Descriptions from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Web site

Starting Price: $20 for the four

Bidding ends: Dec. 19 @ 9 pm Pacific standard time

Good Luck!