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britgeek_love's Journal

Helping BritGeekGrrl When She Needs Us
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Edit: ** Alex passed away on Tuesday evening, Dec. 1. We continue our efforts as funeral arrangements are made. **

This is a community for the auction or direct sale of items to raise money for britgeekgrrl. Her husband, who has been fighting cancer for upwards of two years now, is now nearing the end of his battle. Although they had been given a prognosis of a little longer, long enough that they could try to plan for his final expenses to some degree, it appears he has taken a turn for the worse far sooner than expected, and it is very possible that they could need that extra money now instead of later.

We hope to raise enough financial assistance to cover the funeral expenses (cremation). Even if this gets covered through generous donations we will still collect money. She still could really use a nursing assistant to help in his final day (or few days, if it goes that long). Additionally britgeekgrrl has been the only income in the family for a while, working an admin job, and the sudden acceleration of illness has her on unpaid leave because all of her paid vacation is used up. As you can imagine, terminal illness also comes with other people and organizations that need to be paid. We would like to help raise enough money so that she can concentrate on her grief and not have to worry about bills when the time comes.

How can you help? Several ways!

Donate an item for auction - This is incredibly easy! Make a post to this community detailing the item you would like to offer. For multiple items, please make seperate posts. This keeps the record keeping so much easier. Include a picture, if you can, but keep it small or place it behind an LJ cut. Set a starting price. Set an ending date. (For great examples of how to do this, check out the rescue_rowan community) When your auction ends, contact the highest bidder, tell them they have won, and give them a way to contact you! They will Paypal britgeekgrrl directly (marking it as a personal gift) and forward you a copy of the receipt. If they don't have Paypal, no worries! We can make arrangements for payment by mail and contact you to let you know when it has arrived. Then you ship the donated item directly to them. For sanity's sake, we ask that the donor of the item be willing to pay for and ship or deliver the item to the bidder, so if you can only ship or deliver in a certain area, please be sure to put that in your auction. (I'll tag the auctions and direct sales as they are put up for shopping ease.)

Direct sales - Similar to an auction, but without the bidding. Great if you have several of an item you are willing to donate at a set price. Kind of like Buy It Now on ebay!(I'll tag the auctions and direct sales as they are put up for shopping ease.)

Bid on an item (or lots of them!) - Please bid in a single thread of comments, replying to the bid before yours. That way, people know they have been outbid. Please bid in whole, U.S. Dollars only. Please pay promptly and forward proof of payment on to the donor of the item.

Direct donations - If you would rather just send money straight to britgeekgrrl you can donate directly to britgeekgrrl at johanna_mead (at) yahoo (dot) com. Please be sure to mark it as a personal gift, so the most money possible gets to her to assist her.

Spread the word - Please feel free to pass this around to anyone. Cross post it on your journals. Encourage people to look here for unique holiday gifts and help someone out at the same time.

((text shamelessly copied from reddheart and apocalypticbob))