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Reminder - Ten Scarf Auction Ends Tonight

Just a reminder that the auction for one of my handwoven Ten Scarves ends at midnight PST tonight.

Please note the updated dimensions of the finished scarf: 8.25"x 76"

Content and Care: 100% cotton, but to be on the safe side, hand wash, hang dry and iron.
The auction for this painting will be ended tonight at midnight.

Likewise, the offer at my etsy shop for half of proceeds donated ends tonight as well. Please be sure to mention Alex or Johanna as a message to me if you buy anything.

Golly, everybody ended their auction today.
My auction for the permanent LiveJournal account http://games.livejournal.com seems to be stuck in a holding pattern, with the highest bid belonging to melchar, who is currently at $100... which is $50 less than what LiveJournal itself very, very rarely sells such accounts for which *don't* have such a special, immediately recognizable name.

(Of course, if you don't like the name... rename it! It will still be a very inexpensive way to get a permanent account, which makes a great Christmas gift!)

As I would like to either get more money for this bargain, or, failing that, get help to britgeek_grrl as soon as possible, I'm going to give this auction until the end of 11:39PM PST, Tuesday night, unless further bids come in.

Consider this the online auction equivalent of "Going once... Going twice...!"

**UPDATE - New bids have come in... the auction continues until originally scheduled... the end-of-day, Monday, Dec. 21st, PST.**

Bidding reminder...

Bidding on the autographed James Marsters picture with certificate of authenticity ends at Midnight (EST) tonight (December 15th). Just under 24 hours to go til it ends.


Auction Soon Ending: Wildlife Photography

FYI: Tomorrow, the auction for a matted 8x10 wildlife photograph will end.

Get your bids in! I won't be able to check the auction until later in the early evening. I'll announce the winner in the evening.


I didn't read the rules very well. I'm really sorry, folks, but I skimmed over the rules part, and the auction on that flight suit ratontheroad and I are selling is almost over and I didn't post a reminder. There are two and a half hours left 'til the auction is over.

Edit: Ok, that was too hasty of me. I just now read the relevant post and thread, where I learned that it is allowed to post reminders, not required. Sorry again! But hey, reminder! Two hours left to bid on this flight suit! http://community.livejournal.com/britgeek_love/9229.html?nc=5

Auction ending - custom made bracelet

(This is a reminder per the rules laid out in this post.)

Just a reminder to all that my auction for a bracelet in this pattern, made in the winner's choice of colours is ending tonight at 12 midnight. Since I didn't specify what time zone that would be in when I made my original post, I'll make it midnight Pacific (I'm in the Eastern time zone).